Making Waves: Nelson “The Sarge” Capulso

The first time I met ‘The Sarge’ was during our first car show event in 2009 at Greenhills.  He wasn’t with Wave 89.1 back then, it was a station called 103.5 Max FM.

My colleagues and I loved Max FM, because it was all EDM and Techno.  Whenever we hang out with Nelson, there was never a dull moment, you can feel his energy across the room.  And that energy is now with Wave 89.1.


The Sarge directing MyPhone Rio Invasion! @sarge727

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The Sarge in the house!

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Recently, we’ve been working together on a RED TV project called “I Am” Web-series – you can check out the first episode here.

He’s been a part with RED Models and Talents since its inception.  The RED family wants to wish The Sarge a Happy Birthday!